Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

sauna webpage 2We are very pleased to have added SaunaRay Far Infrared Sauna to our Studio for its numerous and varied health benefits.

We opted for a larger unit so more than one person can use the sauna at the same time, or individuals can use the sauna for movement Therapy and more!

The sauna is a wonderful way to detox, rejuvenate or pair it with your yoga practice, recuperate from injury or surgery, or enjoy it as a standalone service.

Many hours were invested in researching and perusing many different styles, models and manufacturers of Infrared Saunas before I selected the SaunaRay.  I value the commitment SaunaRay has in manufacturing each and every sauna with their personalized attention to purity and elegant, toxin-free saunas. They even take measures to make sure their workplace is as toxin-free as possible.

The attention garnished to creating a sauna that surpasses the standards of the industry but encourages the industry to follow SaunaRay in upholding their total commitment to new, better, higher and cleaner standards — from the lack of toxins in the materiel used to components that are used to treat the wood and components of the saunas delivered.

sauna webpage 4One of the components that sets SaunaRay apart from the rest of the industry is their heaters. These heaters have the lowest Electro Magnetic Field (EMF), a very big concern of mine.

Another way Infrared sauna differs from traditional saunas is,the traditional saunas relay on extreme heat to heat us from the outside in where as infrared sauna heats the body from inside out. The infrared sauna heats only to a maximum of 130 degrees, I find 98 to 105 to be sufficient and allows for the sweating and detoxing to start with in the first few minutes of use. In my experience the table work, massage and Structural work I offer has better benefits and results after only 20 minutes of Infrared sauna use.

Here are some Medical results

Arthritis: our ceramic heat penetrates deeply into joints, relieving pain. may customers report a reduction elimination of pain medication within weeks and a return to activities they had once given up. the infrared heat will improve circulation and flexibility.

Blood Pressure: SaunaRay customers with both low and hight blood pressure have reported an equalization of their blood pressure and reduction of their symptoms.

Asthma: Clinical observations published by Dr Jozef Krop Author of “Healing the Planet One Patient at a Time”, reported that detoxification with sauna therapy completely abated the symptoms of asthma in teenage patient who did not respond to pharmaceuticals. SaunaRay customers have further reported that their asthma is reduced or entirely alleviated after 2-4 months of regular saunas.

Diabetes: Several SuanaRay customers have reported dramatic recoveries from Adult-onset diabetes after beginning sauna detoxification. Some diabetics report that their vision returned to normal. Recent research shows a strong correlation between plastic residue in our bodies and diabetes.

Fibromyalgia: Dr. Alison Bested, one of Canada’s Premier MD treating this epidemic of chronic paion and author of “Hope and Help for Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia,” reports that after SaunaRay far infrared sauna therapy patients who did not respond to any other treatment show improvement.


Here is what Rod MacDonald, vice president of Can-Fit-Pro and a Iron Man competitor had to say:

“My SaunaRay has really helped my recovery time, I am using it every day training for this year’s Iron Man competition in Wisconsin. It’s the first time I haven’t had an injury while training for an endurance event.”

I encourage you to try it for yourself and see and feel difference.

Sauna usage for Studio members is fifteen dollars a session if you bring your own all natural towels, twenty dollars a session with our towels.

Non-members is twenty dollars with your own natural towels, twenty-five dollars a session with our towels.

Each session is about thirty minutes depending on the individual.

Please come and try it, your body and your overall health will love you for it.

Please note: no Non-natural materials are allowed in the sauna. We take every measure possible to keep the sauna environment as toxin free as possible.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops
6:00 pm Vinyasa Flow (All level)
Vinyasa Flow (All level)
Sep 5 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
this class is suited for everyone and is tailored to the individuals abilities and practice.
6:00 pm Vinyasa Flow (All level)
Vinyasa Flow (All level)
Sep 12 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
this class is suited for everyone and is tailored to the individuals abilities and practice.
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